Saturday, July 24, 2010

lego love

public art is a tough one. and something i thought a lot about sophomore year when i found myself mixing concrete and calling it site-specific for a semester. (one place after another is an awesome book on the topic.) how do you take a piece of art out of the studio and into the world? do people want it? will it get in the way? (titled arc anyone?) but this project, "dispatch work," brings forward the best of the being organic, and working with what is already there. throwing someone off their everyday routine with something that makes you stop and smile. unobtrusive, unpretentious. i'm jealous that jan vormann had the creative genius to come up with something so simple and poetic, and the ability to implement it across the world, in places as different from one another as tel aviv and toulouse.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

is there life after college?

the realization that i only have one more year before i enter the so called "real world" has kind of started to freak me out. so here's my plan. i'm moving to canada and making street signs until the economy gets better.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

my favorite piece of propaganda

i don't know why i didn't grab this one from the v&a when i saw it. (probably something to do with having no room in my suitcase and being completely broke.) because now i really want it...

please mail overseas. please mail overseas.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

learning to love where you're at

i'm not going to lie. being home has been really, really hard. but a big lesson came from a day of coney dogs, walking around detroit with my dad, and a design 99 (of power house project fame) lecture at mocad. what is it about this kind of art that has always gotten me excited? these artists make work that respond to the conditions around them. it's about creating and using life's circumstances. they are somehow able to focus on the abundance in a city of vacant lots and decreasing population. if they can find beauty in foreclosed property, why can't i find the positive in a summer that hasn't exactly gone as planned? starting now, i'm going to try.