Thursday, September 30, 2010

speaking of baltimore...

i've been having way too much fun coming up with these patterns... i'm on what is sure to be a kick ass three person graphic design production team for this year's exhibition development seminar about baltimore and the open city. the graphic design group was tasked right from the get go with trying to come up with a logo - something somewhat hard to do when, at that point in time, we hadn't even collectively agreed on a name for it all. our solution? really look at the visual vernacular already surrounding our topic (baltimore: sign painting, globe posters, formstone, plywood) and come up with some systems that would be flexible enough to reflect where the class is at any point in time (right now: researching) and the broad scope we're attempting to cover. hence the patterns we've started to create with some really great imagery the class has dug up from archives. let the fun begin!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


how crazy does this poster make baltimore look? part of me kinda really wants it...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

empower maryland

today is the last day for the cdp conceived and designed "empower maryland mobile information station" at mica, before it moves on to other college campuses in the area. this is the culmination of a project started a year or so ago with the maryland energy administration, where the group of students came up with 15 things to "empower" people to save money (who doesn't want to do that?) and reduce power consumption statewide 15% by 2015. pretty cool.

here's their list:

1. use cfls instead of incandescents ($65 over the life of the bulb)
2. use cold water in washing machine ($63 a year)
3. unplug your tv when not in use ($159.76 annually)
4. install a low-flow showerhead/take shorter showers
5. unplug your laptop when not in use ($15.60 annually)
6. turn down temp of water heater to warm setting (120 degrees)
7. unplug gaming system when not in use ($25.73 annually)
8. wash only full loads of dishes/air dry
9. use curtains or shades to give ac a break
10. use ceiling/other fans so you can raise the thermostat
11. pump up your tires (improve gas milage by 3%)
12. bike, walk, take public transportation (save up to $115 per year on gas by reducing miles driven 5%)
13. turn thermostat back 10%-15% for 8 hours (save as much as 10% on energy bill)
14. turn off lights when not in use
15. set refrigerator temp between 37 - 40 degrees

check out more pics of the project here.

(photo cred: lauren adams)

down on the farm

working hard, or hardly working? just kidding. i seriously think i found my calling harvesting beans at real food farm last week. (one of the cdp's food related partners for the fall. the other is great kids farm.) i tried to explain to my dad how this is part of a design class i'm taking this semester. he seemed a little upset. i guess he imagined i'd be working in a studio or something. oh well, i love it. the immersion before starting a project is always the best part.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

you wanna what now?

funky type aside, this goes out to all the midwesterners who ever moved somewhere else and realized how silly they sound.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

i guess i don't hate advertising that much...

but i do wonder why i never saw darth vader at my mcdos in paris. especially since the couple in the background making out was there every time...

from an ad blog called "bumbumbum" brought to my attention by my favorite little lover of advertising, kristin wellmer.

Monday, September 13, 2010

pretty pretty

pleasant surprises from some recent soap researching. don't ask. you'll find out soon enough...

"don't make something unless it is both necessary and useful. but if it is, don't hesitate to make it beautiful." -shaker adage

Sunday, September 12, 2010

the jolly rodger

it didn't take a lot of schelping 12 ft ladders up and down stairs and waiting for paint to dry (to apply second, third, fourth, and fifth coats) for me to decide that commodore wouldn't be like any other design project i've ever done, but would probably be the most rewarding. a week or so ago the new and improved commodore john rogers elementary and middle school re-opened with a celebration for hundreds of students and their parents, with local tv crews to boot and special appearances from mayor rawlings-blake and bcps ceo dr. alonzo. i couldn't have been more proud to see the final product all come together, and to have been able to contribute a little bit to all the love and hard work poured into it by so many people over the summer. you can read more about commodore's inspiring story in this urbanite article.

(the logo and all banners designed by james anderson. he's awesome.)