Sunday, September 12, 2010

the jolly rodger

it didn't take a lot of schelping 12 ft ladders up and down stairs and waiting for paint to dry (to apply second, third, fourth, and fifth coats) for me to decide that commodore wouldn't be like any other design project i've ever done, but would probably be the most rewarding. a week or so ago the new and improved commodore john rogers elementary and middle school re-opened with a celebration for hundreds of students and their parents, with local tv crews to boot and special appearances from mayor rawlings-blake and bcps ceo dr. alonzo. i couldn't have been more proud to see the final product all come together, and to have been able to contribute a little bit to all the love and hard work poured into it by so many people over the summer. you can read more about commodore's inspiring story in this urbanite article.

(the logo and all banners designed by james anderson. he's awesome.)

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funistrada said...

thank you so much for the part you played in redesigning what seemed impossibly challenging! my son is a new student at CJR, it's his first venture into a public school and while my apprehension was high enough that I nearly bailed before the first day, I dug in and set my mind to it and it has been a surprisingly wonderful experience so far. I found your blog while trying to find our website (I guess we don't have one yet...?), so again I thank you for the work you did with such passion and enthusiasm -- it really makes a world of difference, it's like a whole new school, in more ways than one.