Thursday, September 30, 2010

speaking of baltimore...

i've been having way too much fun coming up with these patterns... i'm on what is sure to be a kick ass three person graphic design production team for this year's exhibition development seminar about baltimore and the open city. the graphic design group was tasked right from the get go with trying to come up with a logo - something somewhat hard to do when, at that point in time, we hadn't even collectively agreed on a name for it all. our solution? really look at the visual vernacular already surrounding our topic (baltimore: sign painting, globe posters, formstone, plywood) and come up with some systems that would be flexible enough to reflect where the class is at any point in time (right now: researching) and the broad scope we're attempting to cover. hence the patterns we've started to create with some really great imagery the class has dug up from archives. let the fun begin!

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