Sunday, June 17, 2007

fathers day

i've been a little lazy this year with holidays. (sorry, mom) so when i realized yesterday that today was fathers day... i needed something easy that was still meaningful.

i found this picture taken after honors convocation (hence the cap & gown) & it's totally out of focus, but i like that about it. it's just us two walking together across a parking lot. an everyday moment that means so much more in context.

i know "daughters" is pretty cliche for this day, but it works. (& you gotta love john mayer. that was the first concert i went to... with my dad.) the lyrics say exactly what i need my dad to hear. i know this past year has probably been really hard on him. i think he has this fear that i'll go to mica, meet a really cute guy, & never want to come back. i can't make any guarantees on the cute guy part... but i won't forget about you, dad. don't worry.

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