Thursday, June 21, 2007

right now:

totally energized. i am literally at the edge of my seat... eyes wide open staring at the computer monitor. i love being able to start at any given website and let myself be pulled in different directions. tonight was no exception. totally inspiring.

i started with good magazine. ( i forgot how much more i could delve into that one issue i picked up at the lake forest book store - the only good thing that came out of that college visit. no pun intended.)

good directed me to the design 21 website. ( absolutely genius. so many words of truth. and comforting to read of other people thinking about the same things i think about.

design 21 led me to their blog & jennifer leonard. (also genius.) who just happens to have co-written massive change by way of the institute without boundaries. and despite the amount of obsessing i have done over massive change...

i realized i had never really looked into the institute without boundaries. ( so that was where i was pulled next. still on the edge of my seat. it's crazy... but i'm left with this overwhelming feeling that i need to be there. and that four years can't go by fast enough.

yup. bruce mau will do that to me.

thoughts i thought were worth noting on social design:

it’s more like a revolving panorama of anecdotes from all layers of life and all sorts of skill sets that individually and collectively give us reason to keep on keepin’ on.

it’s about those characters out there who give a damn and make an effort because their soul urges them to and won’t let them rest if they don’t.

when someone alters his or her behavior in a positive way in response to any deliberate message that ultimately could benefit the greater good, that is social design. the message could be a poster, campaign, product, or a modified environment, etc. but it provokes and challenges people to think beyond themselves.

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