Tuesday, June 26, 2007

workplace perks

yup. i have a job. no joke. i totally stumbled into it… & right when i was starting to get way too comfortable with my summer lifestyle. (all the sleeping in & such...) i went to just help out with the opening of the store, and left that day with a key to the place. crazy, right? anyway, i'm working with all things interior design. which brings me to perk #1…

perk #1: yes, it’s been years since i've even thought about interior design, (aside from the occasional dosage of hgtv… divine design shout out.) but, way back when, i was totally into it. i actually did the whole job shadow thing (with the designer i’m working for now) for careers class back in 7th grade. but the point of that trip down memory lane is… i’m being exposed to a different kind of design. i’m recognizing the differences (all of the furniture company names that i don’t even have any idea how to pronounce) & the similarities (the way it all just comes down to playing with space… colors & objects & the untangible aspects that make something “work”).

perk #2: i’m also being exposed to a new leadership style. the owner is so nonchalant about everything… i love it. i don’t know how she does it all. but she is living her dream (opening this home & garden store), running her own business (even though i’m sure she doesn’t need to), managing to be super mom, & is still totally grounded.

perk #3: decorative packing tape. so cool. the one thing in the store that got me giddy. a must have.

perk #4: a paycheck. enough said. just working on keeping it in the bank.

perk #5: i finally know how to use a fax machine. will come in handy for any office related job i may have in my future as a starving artist.

perk #6: i’m learning how to run a store from a behind the scenes pov. i’m soaking everything in while the wheels in my head are turning and planning. i could do this. & i’ve always wanted to own a scrapbooking store.

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