Thursday, October 25, 2007

and it was all yellow...

my final installment of the whole yellow obsession. i think. maybe not. we still have a few more projects/crits left to squeeze into my elements class this semester. katherine is so good about allowing you to really take an idea and develop it from class to class. and something within me is still drawn to all this yellow.

it is an uncontrollable urge. like the other day, i stole a ceiling tile from main building because the insulation of the flip side was a very gritty application of my favorite, shamelessly sunny, post-it yellow color. (don't worry, there isn't a hole in the ceiling now... it was already chilling on the floor when it called me from across the room.)

i do think i'm going to break away from the installation-based work... do things that are more 2-d. i have lots of ideas floating around in my head. i want to do a piece now with that ceiling tile, something with file folders, maybe painting and altering the 1985 world books i got at the thrift store (i couldn't just by one... it came as a set. oh well.)

and here's where the ocd comes full circle: i got so giddy when i was working on my first photoshop animation (very advanced) in emac and discovered the color table that showed up when i saved it as a gif. where has that been all my life? 256 colors of bliss. i had the sudden urge to paint it. and for as much as i struggle with painting, i really do enjoy color mixing. (i felt so left out when everyone in painting 1 was making color charts at the start of the year because i don't have that class until second semester. i almost made up my own color theory assignment.) i genuinely want to know more about how it all works. my love for color is just less painterly, more pantone. this brings the two together quite nicely. i've already got a huge square canvas. it's definitely something that is a departure from my previous yellow projects, yet (1) still includes various shades of yellow and (2) references the square motif of the post its.

i'm already thinking about ways i can extend what i've worked on at mica during the school year to back at home during the summer. (because believe it or not, you do have to go home sometime...) ideas have been formulating in my head for some sort of exhibition at the pontiac creative arts center. i want to look into it over thanksgiving break. right now my excitement about the things that would surround such a project (curating it, & promoting it, & vinyl lettering on the walls, & ahhh!) is entertaining my doubts about it even being a legit thing to put in a gallery. but, to quote katherine, "i trust doubt more than i trust certainty."

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