Thursday, November 15, 2007

what becomes of the sleep deprived

i was stupid enough to think i could handle a quick trip to towson town center after classes today when what i really needed was some good sleep. bad idea. one thing after another went wrong. you know you have gone too far when a fortune cookie is what brings you back to reality.


Stephen Ratkovich said...

1. I'm not surprised that you're immune to caffeine after seeing you down a starbucks faster and more often than humanly possible.
2. Macy's: A center for shopping, therapy, and napping.
3. The genius bar at the apple store will be the death of all iPod/mac owners.
4. Shuttles/buses suck (believe me, I live way up in north at UM and have to take a bus numerous times...everyday)
5. You think your starbucks doesn't cheer you up? Then you haven't been to UM (our starbucks doesn't have free WiFi, those cheap bastards)
6. I don't know whether that fortune is mocking you or the most enlightening message ever to come out of a cookie.
I never thought I could miss someone as much as you...keep in touch

chelsey marsh said...

hi. i miss you more than stephen.
i love your blog and i hope that you are having a good time at MICA! i will see you over thanksgiving!!
panera is a must.
(also, they have an amazing panda on north campus at umich. you need to come see it some timeee!)