Wednesday, December 12, 2007

emac crit

our emac final was to go back and revisit and expand a previous assignment. i went back to my gift shop postcard project inspired by walter benjamin's "the mechanical age of reproduction." (the assignment was a material virtual collage. my ah-ha moment was realizing that i could actually print them as postcards, and add that layer into the concept too. so it kind of became this installation of overlapping postcards within postcards spilling out of a gift shop bag.)

i went through a few crazy ideas for this final (i actually considered printing and framing a huge caillebotte "rainy day, paris street" reproduction, cording it off, and hiring a friend to act as a security guard.) and finally mina suggested simply doing a website. great. thank you mina. it meant that i could have a little fun making up stuff and do something graphic designy. it ended up being a spoof on museum gift shop websites, focusing on the art institute of chicago in particular and how one of its most famous pieces is used as a branding tool. check it out here. (and let me just say that the testimonial page is my favorite. that guy was seriously what came up when i googled "art enthusiast." he totally matches my color scheme.)

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