Sunday, January 20, 2008

design blog binge

last night i was on a roll. i can't even remember where i started. or how many windows i had going on at once. so i figured i'd share some of the design bookmarks i've been accumulating. here's some old favorites and some new finds. enjoy.

abby clawson low
aesthetic apparatus
aiga design archives
ali edwards
bembo's zoo
bruce mau
compendium inc.
cooper hewitt
design 21
design sponge
ellen lupton
i love typography
kate spade
push me pull you
post typography
speak up
urban forest project
you are beautiful

and i'm sure i'm missing something. but i'll just keep adding to this post as i come across more.

"the best design does not come from knowing 2,000 typefaces and 6 macintosh programs by heart. it comes from having a life and being observant and involved in the world at large."
-randal balsmeyer

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