Saturday, February 23, 2008

the good life

by the time friday rolls around, the whole week is basically a blur. good things from this past week:

making hundreds of quarter cards to advertise my trip to the craft fair. & then going to look at the sign up sheet & realizing it was already full. after only one day.

going to the foundry to see some guy liquify granite as part of his senior thesis. seriously the coolest thing.

talking to mike patterson about mica and baltimore and orientation. and higher expectations (for all of the above.)

bringing paula out of hiding and arranging to work at mica's cap convening during spring break.

reaching a new level of my sleepless life.

finishing the a neighborhood called baltimore summary. (it was like project planning all over again... and i loved every minute of it.)

meeting jackie (in her mica shirt) at the airport.

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Stephen Ratkovich said...

It sounds as if everything is going your way. You seem to be have more fun in a month than most people have in their lifetime. Can't wait to see you, call me if you ever stop by Ann Arbor again.