Friday, March 7, 2008

book a week (part three)

the next installment of books. (i'm still pursuing the idea despite the $3 bill i racked up in late fees from the last round.) something i already had (my tried and true raison d'etre, that i realized i haven't read in a while.) something to prep me for my painting presentation on agnes martin. something design (just for pure fun, circa the year 2000.) two somethings to help me scratch harder at the surface of "plans," the spine of my current elements project. and some new yellow pages (which i won't read, obviously. but will most likely use for an art project, obviously.)

"self-reliance and other essays" - ralph waldo emerson
"in pursuit of perfection: the art of agnes martin, maria martinez, and florence pierce"
"design culture now" - national design triennial
1907 exhibition catalogue - architectural club of baltimore
"hand drawn worlds" - various architects and artists

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