Friday, June 19, 2009

paris calling

ok. so spring 2010 is sorta far off... but there's just something about the planning stage of things. (and a july 15 deadline to give you a kick in the pants.) here's the plan: parsons paris.

plus pulling together a portfolio, writing a statement of intent, obtaining letters of recommendation, and making a seperate petition application. (because, go figure, parsons paris isn't on mica's list.) sort of a daunting summer task. to add to the french fun, i have the rosetta stone to make my way through now. (thank you, dad.) good thing. two years away from any formal french classes and i am unbelievably rusty. i couldn't even write my email to mademoiselle asking for study abroad advice en francais. so sad. but i'm going to try to get as far as possible on my own with that prep this summer while i have some time. (there'd be no way when school starts again.) the rest i'll just have to leave up to immersion.

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