Sunday, September 27, 2009

absolutely adorable

we've been going in and doing a "graphic design" workshop at st. francis neighborhood center in reservoir hill as part of an after school program they have called the power project. (i put graphic design in quotes for good reason...) our first week there we got to know the new names by having them label folders with their name using cut out magazine letters. (perfect intro to kerning!) this thursday we kicked it up a notch by making business cards and talking about hand lettering. still, we kept it simple... name plus special talent/title on the front, and a symbol to go along with it on the back. each kid made ten, so there was enough for them to trade with each other. maybe i should mention that the ages range from kindergarten to eighth grade. so when the littlest kid there came up to ask me how to spell wafflemaker, it totally made my day.

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