Tuesday, September 1, 2009

so far, so good

a nine hour drive back to baltimore (thanks dad), a day of schlepping stuff from storage (thank you again), and a week of training/orientation leading later, and i can finally sit down and feel like i'm back in business. it's been busy. (i didn't even get around to mailing those thank yous until last thursday. oops.) but fun. from channeling "jenny from the block" for extreme bingo to racing to grab wood blocks last night in letterpress...

here's my schedule for the semester:

monday- letterpress (4-10 pm)
tuesday- center for design practice (9-3 pm)
wednesday- photo imaging (4-10 pm)
thursday- objectivity (7-10 pm)
friday- gd 3 (9-3 pm)

should i be worried that my only academic class is the science requirement? hmmm...

anyway, i took some pictures of my new room before everything starts getting thrown around and abused. even though i'm not a famous fancy artist/designer (and i doubt design sponge would do a feature on a dorm room) i felt the need to pretend and do my own little "sneak peek" just for kicks. proof of precisely the time post move-in when my ocd (and expertise at arranging stuff from alterman interiors) kicks in and i get to sort and color code for a whole new space. if only i was as determined about doing the dishes.

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