Saturday, October 10, 2009

calling cards

our first official letterpress assignment was to make calling cards. one catch. they couldn't be for ourselves. (drats!) but i actually turned into a really fun way to work on something. we all paired up with someone in the class who we didn't already know, and who we weren't a lot alike. (which was determined by an enneagram test our teacher had us take.) i got paired up with a girl named claire. and it didn't take long in our designer to client/client to designer relationship to find common ground. (mustard yellow! and an aversion to capital letters.) she had the brilliant suggestion to send each other some pictures that inspire us. (favorites from the beloved folder pretty much every artist has on their desktop for dumping the things that catch our eye on the web.) here's the assortment she gave me:

funny how just a few pictures can say so much about a person's aesthetic. (claire also hinted at a growing obsession with old wallpaper patterns... which is where the border pattern on the card above comes from.)

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