Thursday, January 28, 2010

pour tout dire

i got this cute little pink book at galerie anatome last week called "précis de conjugaisons ordinaires." yes, it's about putting the fun back in grammar. (if it was ever there to begin with?) yes, i'm a dork. but it's also insanely well designed. and has since sent me into a french typography tizzy. starting with the guy behind it: david poullard. he seems to keep a bit of a low profile (as i'm finding with most things using french google) but from what i gather he is sort of a french lawrence weiner, with a history of RATP gigs and a genuine love of words. from there i found this massive back story about the metro type (trés interessante, n'est pas?) and this charming explanation of his work. (what he calls "le cul entre trois chaises")

c’est ainsi que je pratique, bon gré mal gré, mon métier. trois territoires qui se chevauchent, se frottent, s’opposent parfois, se nourrissent souvent: la commande, le «hors-commande», l’enseignement. trois tiers d’un tout avec lequel je jongle, m’essouffle ou jubile, c’est selon. et au milieu de ce tout, comme point commun, le mot, les mots, les mots proches, et les lettres qui leurs donnent formes. m’y attacher.

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