Monday, July 9, 2007

yeah, about that...

i just did a walk of shame out of party city toting $100 worth of red stuff. combine that with a few previous red shopping sprees, at the dollar store and the like, and i've more than negated my jc stipend for the week.

such is camp. it's all about the color. and i am all out embracing the red.

& i am an impulse shopper. at least i come by it honestly. but i really did need the red spidey gloves. and the red fish net tights. and the red shiny star cut outs. i'm a sucker for stars. my council will be decked out fo' sure.

other slices of life:

met mrs. sullivan today for dinner at panera. so good to see her. she is truly something else. looking back i realize how lucky i have been to have had so many dynamic individuals part of my avondale experience.

hanging with my girls, ava & liv. we had our ups and downs... as can be expected with a full day of babysitting. but nothing a little dancing and yogurt can't fix. back for another round tomorrow.

the home run derby broadcaster could be giving impemba a run for his money. " are converging on each other out there. somebody's going to get hurt." i was rolling.

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