Friday, December 14, 2007

a neighborhood called baltimore

mounting a major exhibition the same day i pack and fly home? yeah, that means i start loosing things (like my id, grant receipts... mind.) and that i had to give up a little bit of control. that's a big deal for me. i couldn't make my way down to the enoch pratt free library central branch (where we are having our first a neighborhood called baltimore exhibition!) and still catch the shuttle to the airport. so i really have no idea what this thing looks like. i must really trust these people. (we all go to art school so i don't have to worry about anything too horrible happening with the curation.) and really, all the pieces are in place... so i am sure that it will be absolutely amazing!

i did the a neighborhood called baltimore project with ms. pan's class today, too. it was our last class with them... so we had to give them a little something. we made little mica art sets with a mini sketchbook, 3x5 canvas, and brush. & inside the sketchbook we wrote: "we loved making mica art with you! keep creating! love, miss. madeline and miss becky!" ms. pan invited us to come back next semester whenever we wanted, so i hope i get the chance to work with this group again. they were so great... and we were really able to challenge them! it was a perfect fit for me and good introduction to mt. royal elementary. i feel like i have more of a stake in it now, and it's not just a building that i walk past everyday to get to class. there are now 15 second graders in there that i know and love.

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