Saturday, January 26, 2008

mica mondo beyondo

i love making lists. to-do lists, pro-con lists, shopping lists, etc. but this one's a biggie. now that i'm full blown back at mica, it seemed necessary. it's a mondo beyondo list of goals and aspirations. i came across this concept a few years ago when reading about the problem with new years resolutions, and a solution of switching them to more inspiring intentions or lists. for me it takes the shape of what i want to do while i am here at mica. it's supposed to be juicy. things i am almost too scared to write on paper. (or type, because i guess that is what i am doing.)

here it goes...

teach art at mount royal elementary school.
be in a mica student exhibition.
become friends with with president lazarus. (i’ve always had a way with freds in high places.)
meet ellen lupton. have her as a professor & a friend. have her help me write my book.
experience a rolly chair race in the halls of third floor brown center at three in the morning.
be a program manager. help plan halloween.
be an orientation leader. and by the time i am a senior, an orientation coordinator.
be a tarc at mica pre-college and spend five extra weeks in baltimore during the summer.
participate in the planning of a major exhibition through the class with george cicle, like "at freedoms door".
start a french club. sustain it while i'm at mica and prep it for continued success when i leave.
study abroad in france.
cross register at johns hopkins (just to say i'm going to johns hopkins.) to take french sophmore through senior year.
get a sweet summer internship.
get my own apartment in a baltimore brownstone. with stairs. (like in the cosby show.)
take as many classes as possible.
major in graphic design. minor in art history. concentrate in book arts. or maybe community arts.
apply to georgetown or yale for grad school.
meet my soul mate/life partner.
and get married in the main building.
ride the ducks.

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