Sunday, October 25, 2009

sometimes i have a shy bladder.

talking about post secret is like talking about banksy. they're both brilliant, and you know that, but the fact that everyone else has caught up to you in that realization makes them automatically less brilliant. same with some people and music. it's all about being the first person to find them. so when fall out boy sells out or they start playing death cab on the oc, your best bet is to start to dismiss them completely. (i still listen to both. but nothing post-cork tree and this new twilight partnership makes me a little nauseous.)

so where does that put a new york times #1 best seller and someone able to fill up an entire floor of the visionary museum with people for a lecture?

if you haven't heard about the post secret phenomenon yet, all you have to do is scroll through a page or two of this blog to get yourself acquainted with the concept. (i like how the creator, frank warren, put it today: that there was obviously something already there that he just happened to tap into the right way at the right time.) there are hundreds of these postcards posted. and he gets 10,000 a week. delivered to his house. those numbers speak for themselves. there is definitely power to what he has been able to facilitate. so in honor of the secret sharing and purging that was encouraged at the lecture earlier today, i put one of my own as this post title. it's totally true! so there. (what a relief to share with the world...)

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