Tuesday, October 9, 2007

a neighborhood called baltimore

this is the project i've been working on in my community arts class for awhile now. today i actually saw the project come alive. we went back to maree garnette farring elementary in brooklyn to work with pre-k, kindergaten, first grade & second grade art classes. our prompt was "where do you live?" to which the immediate answer was "baltimore." that is the power of the project. the concept is so simple, but you need the clarity of a child to see it. it was such a powerful experience.

check out the "a neighborhood called baltimore" website for more information... and lots of great pictures that were taken today. the pictures say so much about what it was like to be there... so much color, energy, so much the kids had to share.

(using my michigan hand to show a kid where i was from. "is that in austrailia or something?" he said.)

the project will be growing in lots of different ways for the rest of the semester... exploring other venues outside of schools and really starting to look at how it will all come together at the end.

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